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What happens after you purchase?

Step 1: An artist will send you an email or text within 12 hours to confirm your order, shape, and length desired. 

Step 2: We will ship your sizing kit if you request one the same day. 

Step 3: We will ask you to send inspiration photos and discuss what style of nails you would like. A nail artist will send you swatch colors to choose from. Nails are fully customizable and we take this time to really get to know what will make you happy. 

(We have a fully stocked salon with any nail art you can think of, we can do hand painting, 3D art, decals, stickers, stamping, foils, chrome, and much more) 

Step 4: We will send you a photo of your finished product in case there are any changes you would like us to make.

 Step 5: We ship your product and send you a confirmation number

Step 6: Enjoy your beautiful new nails that are made custom for you by our artists. If you need any help with application or nail care you will have access to our licensed nail technician for advice. 


 Perfect for you if you are:

looking for something handmade that is durable 

looking for complex nail art 

looking for multiple nails with stone placement 

would like every nail to have a design (if you are looking for simple nail art on one or two nails we suggest our simple custom order)

looking for a gift we suggest designs that do not require a specific accent nail 

looking for a themed nail but do not have inspiration photos 

have a blueprint of something you want specifically or inspiration photos


Why the VHLuxe line vs. ExPressIons or Everyday Luxe?

Licensed nail tech assistance available for any nail care needs.

Our VHLuxe brand is fully hand-painted and curated by our artists. Inspired by life, original and never a copy. Truly one of a kind.

Classic, ageless, reusable and customizable.

Fully hand-painted with top of the line gels for that salon "wow" factor, depth, durability, and longevity.

One of a kind not recreated by other nail artists' work but fully inspired by different elements in life.

10% of every set sold is donated to charities that serve children in our communities. We are currently donating to the Sacramento Children’s Home.

Decrease your cost per wear with reusable nail art. Cheaper than the salon or a box of $10 press-on nails from the drugstore. They don’t bend on you, look like gel but take minutes to apply.

Wear them when you need them and store them away. No more length regrets after a salon trip. Wear the length, size or color you’ve always wanted because you can remove them and store them away after a day.

Measure your nails at home or choose a set of 22 nails. Sizing kits are available for those who request them. Sizing kits ensure the perfect fit. 


Perfect for sales online, gifts, photos, date nights, or in general a gift for yourself.

All nail sets will come with an application kit and instructions for application.

Every set includes complimentary gift packaging to ensure your recipient or yourself have a wonderful unboxing experience.



The application kit will include
mini nail file 
cuticle pusher 
alcohol wipe 
instruction card 
sticky tabs 


If you have any questions please use the chat to speak to one of our artists or email us using the contact us feature or info@vhluxe.com  and we will be with you shortly. If you have nail related questions a licensed nail tech will respond to your email within 24 hours.

Please visit us on our Instagram page @vhluxe and take a look at our community highlights tab to view customers experiences and perspectives of our products. We would love to have you as a part of our VHLuxe family!