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The VHLuxe Guarantee

We strive to be the leaders in customer satisfaction therefore honesty, integrity, passion, and great attention to detail are at the core of everything we do.

Our nails are durable, reusable and come with everything you need to apply them. With both luxury handmade and manufactured options we guarantee you will find something that is perfect for your lifestyle.

If you have questions or need troubleshooting no worries, because with VHLuxe you have your own personal nail artist on retainer.

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What happens after you purchase?

Step 1: An artist will send you an email or text within 12 hours to confirm your order, shape, and length desired. 

Step 2: We will ship your sizing kit if you request one... Read More


Our luxury hand painted line - a timeless classic

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Our manufactured everyday wear collection.

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Our Story

Founded with the realization that our nails have the ability to set the tone for our whole week. Everyday tasks just seem that much more cheerful when wearing a set of nail art. Bad days are offset with a quick look at a calming set of art attach to your fingers. Joyful occasions are brought back from memories when you rewear a set from a vacation or birthday. We created this company at the start of a turning point in our world. Even though we couldn’t leave our homes, we could bring joy through art into them.

Versatile, Timeless, Classic and Convenient

The most versatile way to wear nails on the market. No UV damage from lamps, hours at the salon, or unnecessary chemical exposure. VHLuxe provides you classic and timeless designs with everything you need to apply your reusable manicure in minutes at the comfort of your own home.

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VHLuxe: Persephone

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ExPressIon VHLuxe: Classic French


VHLuxe: Complex Custom Order

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ExPressIon VHLuxe: Abstract